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Going by the definition offered by Gale Tobin, spirituality is a diverse subject. Still, it shows our connection to something bigger than ourselves. Ideally, there is a cosmic or more divine being that is more than a human being. For instance, a spiritual person could strongly connect to the spirit world, God, or multiple gods. Yet, this subject comes with various themes and elements.

Elements of Spirituality

Various types of spirituality and spiritual practices are at your disposal. Yet, whichever you choose, it highlights five common spiritual elements. These elements include trust, open-mindedness, practice, higher intelligence, and perspective. Appreciation is yet another element. Here is a breakdown of each of these elements.

Higher Intelligence

A higher intelligence means that you must believe in something greater than yourself or human nature. Whatever you believe in should be outside your consciousness. Its ability to influence what you do or think should be explicit. Some things you might choose to believe in include god, intuition, logic, and your spirit.


Spirituality requires that an individual be open to various ideas, including new teachings. This open-mindedness allows you to deepen your faith in spirituality. It also ensures that you understand multiple mysteries or even unexplainable circumstances.


In spirituality, you’ll need to build steadfast trust in your decisions. That means you must avoid inaction or indecision. The idea is to understand when to let go and when to be in control. Remember, unless you have enough trust, you cannot attain higher intelligence.

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Trust goes hand in hand with hope. A spiritual person will build hope in many things, including humanity, the spirit, new possibilities, and personal potential.


You must build a sense of perspective if you are to develop your spiritual awareness. This means you must look at things from all angles, ensuring that you have clarity of mind during decision-making. For instance, consider a situation or story as something with many layers, not just two sides. This way, it becomes easier to appreciate various happenings in life.


Unless you practice enough, you’ll hardly connect to spirituality. There are various practices that you could consider in this pursuit. For instance, you could opt for yoga, meditation, prayer, or mindfulness, depending on your belief. Remember, these practices are often personal.

Themes of Spirituality

Spirituality themes vary with belief. Yet, they are all virtuous. The following themes, however, are common across various spiritual levels or types.

Love and Loss

The spiritual journey forces us to think about things that are close to our hearts. Yet, we should be open enough to love everything else around us, regardless of how close they want to be to us. Further, we need to appreciate the pain that comes with the loss of whatever we love.

Courage and Boldness

Faith epitomizes spirituality. Having enough faith in a higher being will boost your courage and boldness to act. Such courage ensures that you become an authentic self.

Creativity and Imagination

You can only achieve new things if you are creative. Whether you are looking forward to new opportunities or new approaches to life, you must be imaginative. Spirituality focuses on such creativity to attain a higher level of self.

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Every individual must have a purpose in living. Spirituality highlights the need to be intentional and live up to your goals. For instance, is your goal to help the underprivileged? If so, do so.

In conclusion, spirituality controls various aspects of your life. Yet, this spiritual life comes with multiple building blocks. Advocating for its themes and living up to its elements ensures that you have a more fruitful life in the long run. Thankfully, the information above will guide you better.

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