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Are you curious about Invisalign? It’s the teeth-straightening system using trays, specially molded to fit patients’ mouths perfectly, yet they are nearly unnoticeable. There are no brackets, wires, or other metal parts you find with traditional braces. Here are answers to a few common questions about Invisalign.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

Many dental alignment issues can be corrected with Invisalign including crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and gaps between teeth. It is best to have healthy teeth and gums and good oral hygiene before using Invisalign. To find out how Invisalign could help you, seek a free consultation from a provider near you such as a Park Slope cosmetic dentist.

What Is the Process?

For the first step, the dentist must take impressions of your upper and lower teeth.  The impressions are sent to the Invisalign lab. When the lab findings return, your dentist will be able to create a specialized treatment plan to correct your teeth. They will also show you how treatment will work using a 3-D scan that will pinpoint the needs for each tooth.

Next, you will start wearing the trays. The dentist may bond some caps on certain teeth. These attachments connect to the tray and will help to turn and push teeth into correct positions. You will be scheduled to return in a few weeks for a checkup and then regular visits will be about every two months until treatment is complete.

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How Long Will It Take To Get a New Smile?

On average, Invisalign patients complete the process in eight months. If you follow your dentist’s recommendations you can expect timely results.

Are There Any Restrictions for Food and Drink?

There are no restrictions. Just take the trays out before you eat and drink.

Invisalign may be a quicker and less invasive option to straighten your teeth than traditional orthodontics. If you want to find out more about pricing, visit the Invisalign website or call a local Invisalign provider like a Park Slope cosmetic dentist to get more information.