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–  Introduction

Project management consists of managing all those activities, projects, or issues that may be defined by the organization as required by the business. In this article we will be discussing in a quick way a way of managing a team, the project management. As on a PRINCE2 practitioner training courses uk.

Projects are ones which are undertaken to meet a customer’s need and to produce a new product, be that a physical product or a service. Projects involve a formal planning, a staff to carry on the planning and organizing of resources, etc. Within any project, there might be milestones which might be various aspects of the project. The client’s preparation and acceptance at these milestones contribute to providing the entire project a sense of completion, and the client will want to deliver the final result in accordance with the requirements.

The most useful way to define projects is as requesting from yours prepare (the client). The prepare can be defined as all the formal functions and steps clients would like to take prior to or at the creation date of the project. (For example: the planning of the entire project.)

The work effort which the Managing Director would like to gauge and measure from the authorities. The clients request the authority for project management.

An organization can have one or more projects underway at the same time.

Project management is generally done (if managed) within projects. The projects are built in the prior stage(s), stage you can call this the preparation stage. When taking on the initiative in this category, this is about being able to handle the resources you have at your organization. You’ll want to take into consideration the time and other issues which may lead to project failure.

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Project management is one timeocating resources into appropriate activities for getting to the finish line. In project management, you will be allocating people and resources to different tasks in the projects as well as their respective inputs (equipment and stress react for example) and outputs (resources).

You focus on one or project at a time. This is a time management technique which is not appropriate. For example: The weak link which connects two projects at one time is still weak at the start. This is the time management tactics which means that you will be juggling several projects or think of one. This is the more appropriate strategy to use.

Project management is a team effort. The Team is generally the group in which you are working on one issue i.e. “Project A” but have to be in meetings with other people from no other business for one reason or another.

Project Management Contain planning, organizations, accounting, resource allocation, operations, management.

Planning Flow of detail meetings.

Organization Balance among various group discipline.

Accounting Confidential Agency Use and control of insurance.

Resource Allocation Human Resources.

operations Confidential Agency assignments.

Management Project Budget Human Resource Cost Budget.

Applications Project Budget Human Resource Cost Budget.

Communications Project Budget Human Resource Cost Budget.

Human Resource Add in Human Resources.

Staff To components Human Resources.