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Being an effective leader of a company requires skill and dedication. Running a business is hard work. You must make important decisions that will determine the success of the company. You must know how to balance the needs of your employees, customers, and your business itself. While there are many qualities a business leader can possess, there are a few that seem to stand out. Here are four qualities of a strong business leader.


Assertiveness is a very important quality for a business leader to have. A good leader must be able to communicate effectively with other people. They must be able to speak up for themselves and ask for what they want. A business leader must strike a balance between assertiveness and aggression. A good leader knows the difference between assertiveness and aggression. They know how to ask for what they want without coming across as overbearing. It’s also critical for a business leader to be able to listen to others as well, as Michael Canzian mentions.


A talented leader must be dependable. They must be able to get things done on time, while also correctly completing the task. It would be very difficult for a flaky or unpredictable person to run a business. Both employees and customers must be able to trust that the leader will do the things that they say they will. A good business must be reliable. Customers should be able to know that they will receive the items they order.


At some point, you’ve likely encountered a sloppily run or disorganized business. Maybe the employees forgot to call you back, or they sent you the wrong items you ordered. Perhaps you constantly have to check back to make sure something was done correctly. It goes without saying that this type of company is extremely frustrating to collaborate with. A business leader must be organized. An organized business is critical for operations to run smoothly and for customers to be satisfied.

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A good leader must be able to analyze and understand numbers. They must be able to evaluate company spreadsheets, data sheets, and charts. A leader must know and understand what’s going on within their company. They must know what is working in the business and what isn’t. Perhaps a certain item isn’t selling, or customers aren’t as engaged as they should be. A business leader needs to be able to make the proper adjustments. They should be able to figure out what will work better for the company.