A recent study shows that happy employees are 13% more productive. So, it makes sense that you should look for ways to engage and delight your staff first if you want to boost productivity in your business.

However, happiness isn’t the only criteria for getting your office up to full steam. There are other things you should do too.

Check out these top tips to increase productivity in the workplace.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Discourage multitasking as it divides your employees’ attention and prevents them from completing any of their tasks successfully.

The best way to do this is by insisting that your management team doesn’t overload their subordinates by assigning more than one task at a time.

Careful planning’s the best way to limit any last-minute rush jobs.

  1. Encourage Breaks

Nobody can work for hours on end without experiencing a slump in their output. The only thing that increases with prolonged work sessions is employee fatigue and the potential for burnout.

Encourage your employees to take breaks from their tasks at least once an hour to refresh their minds. Providing a break room is one way you can encourage regular rest periods.

  1. The Right Tools Help Increase Productivity

Inefficient, outdated computer software and malfunctioning equipment can seriously hamper staff productivity. Keeping your technology operating at its best is a costly exercise, but it pays off with improved workplace productivity.

Check out this article on how tech can help streamline processes and help improve business efficiency.

  1. Promote Employee Wellness

When you encourage your workers to live healthier lives, you’re taking an interest in their well-being. Healthier employees can work more efficiently and take fewer sick days.

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Here are some ideas to create a wellness culture in your workplace:

  • Provide healthy meal options in your canteen
  • Implement regular meditation and yoga sessions during lunch hour
  • Reward employees for cycling to work

What’s more, when your employees know you care, they’ll work harder for you.

  1. Maintain Good Employee Relations

Clear and open communication is the best way to ensure things get done on time and to the best abilities of everyone concerned. When people know what’s expected of them, they can complete tasks faster without many revisions.

Hold regular staff review sessions to guide employees in the right direction and to recognize their efforts and contributions. Provide training for those employees who need help speeding up their work rate.

Allowing your employees to keep doing the same things wrong without any guidance is totally counter-productive.

You’re the Master of Your Business Success

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to maximize your operations and business potential. So make it your priority to ensure your workers have everything they need to operate at their best.

You should constantly search for new ways to streamline your business and uplift your employees, so they can help you achieve your aims.

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