Lord of the Rings' Barrow-Wights Are Following Tom Bombadil to Rings of Energy Too

Picture: Einar Martinsen/Empire Journal

We already had phrase that Tom Bombadil, famous merry fellow, was going to be heading to Amazon’s tackle Center-earth when The Rings of Energy returns for season two. But it surely seems like he’ll be bringing a number of frightful figures usually related together with his materials in Lord of the Rings—the ghoulish Barrow-wights.

Our first have a look at Rings of Powers’ tackle the Barrow-wights comes from a brand new subscriber cowl for the most recent challenge of Empire Magazine, that includes idea artwork from Einar Martinsen depicting a complete host of red-robed spirits:

Image for article titled Lord of the Rings' Barrow-Wights Are Following Tom Bombadil to Rings of Power Too

Picture: Einar Martinsen/Empire Journal

Creepy! Whereas we don’t know simply how the wights will play into Ring of Energy season two but, in The Lord of the Rings, the wights of the shape a serious menace in early on within the books, when Frodo and his associates have been assaulted by the spirits as they traveled by way of the Barrow-downs shortly after their first encounter with Tom Bombadil. Simply as a wight ready a ritual to kill the hobbits, Frodo steeled himself to assault the wight, severing its hand whereas calling upon Bombadil, who compelled the Barrow-wight to flee in worry with a magical tune.

As a result of Tom himself is so hardly ever left in diversifications of the books, the Barrow-wights too usually be part of him in being consigned to the edit room flooring. We all know that Tom—performed in Rings of Energy by Rory Kinnear—won’t be showing in his ordinary abode within the present, relocating to Rhûn within the far east, the place he’ll cross paths with the mysterious Stranger and his Harfoot companion Nori, after the revelation on the finish of season one that the Stranger seems to be one of many magical Istari. However the place Bombadil goes, do Barrow-wights comply with? We’ll discover out when Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Energy returns for season two on Amazon Prime beginning August 29.

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