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You have your career quiz results memorized. Every time, you’re told to become a plumber, a pastor, or a pastry cook. What are some fruitful careers that you haven’t looked into?

1. Yoga Instructor

Does yoga feel like more than a daily practice? Is it something you want to share with others? Imagine circling a room quietly while your students melt into the ground in Shavasana, corpse pose, at the end of a class. Would that bring you satisfaction? Begin as a student and then find a studio that offers yoga teacher training. You will have opportunities to lead others through different flows, be creative, and foster community.

2. Welder

Did you always light up when someone said your school project would be hands-on? If you’re excited by opportunities to work with your hands, repairing and creating different things, perhaps welding is a career for you to explore. Your work can benefit a host of organizations and be used in different situations. There is a wide range of welding services Manitoba, so if one area doesn’t appeal to you, another might. You can begin this career path with an apprenticeship.

3. Online Dating Ghostwriter

Maybe your creativity comes out in writing and not visual art. While you may have heard of ghostwriting in the literary world and online dating in pop culture, it’s possible that you haven’t considered online dating ghostwriting as a career because you didn’t know was an option. It is. It’s a way to be a creative cupid behind a keyboard. You would write messages on behalf of people trying to find love. You could inhabit different personas and weave language to help establish relationships between strangers. Start by going to dating sites. Is anyone hiring a ghostwriter? If not, spend time gaining writing experience in other areas and build up your portfolio.

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If you’re thinking of a new career or exploring your first career, don’t stop with the conventional choices. Assess both your interests and skillsets. If something excites you, find a way to learn more about it and to gain experience.

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